PrizeRebel: Internet Pyramid Scheme or Legitimate Business? You tell me.

I have been a member of PrizeRebel’s website for about two weeks now and for all of my hard work (hahaha… XD) this is what I have to show for it.

I imagine a lot of people look at PrizeRebel’s website and say “It must be a giant scam”. Well, it isn’t. The way PrizeRebel and other websites like it work is they get their user’s to complete surveys and signups, in doing so the owner of the website (PrizeRebel in this case) gets paid a certain amount of money. To compensate the user and add more of an incentive to keep performing, they pay their user a percentage of the profit. This way both PrizeRebel and YOU get paid.

PrizeRebel works on a simple point system… Really simple. $1.00 = 1.00 point. 1 == 1. I know, it’s complicated. 🙁

PrizeRebel has a minimum payout of 5 points. You cannot “cash out” until you have at least $5 worth of points. Unfortunately, PrizeRebel WILL NOT cash out in paypal or check. PrizeRebel will only pay in terms of  Steam game gifts (Like how I got Overlord and other games), purchases, Ebay, Target, I think they even support bestbuy and Walmart.

They have some huge list I never bothered reading all of the way through as my current interests lie in Steam Games and League of Legends, their method of paying works well for me.

However, for those of you who would prefer a Paypal cashout,  PrizeRebel‘s new sister site RebelBucks WILL payout via PayPal. So feel free to signup there. The RebelBucks site functions exactly the same way PrizeRebel does.

Another cool thing PrizeRebel does is allow you to gain 20% of what your referrals earn which is why I am making this guide. I have tested PrizeRebel. I have profited from it, and now I want to help my friends do the same thing. As you can see from my “Quick Stats” I have earned $4.132 from the friends I have already referred. It’s how I was able to test their prize claim feature so quickly. Thank You BILL/Umbreezy!

Okay, it works, I proved it. So now you probably wanna know how you can get started as quickly as possible, right? I find it easiest to start by looking in the “Most Credited Offers” section on the homepage and picking something from there to do.

Step 1: Pick one…

Step 2: use the Search feature so you know what is REQUIRED to complete the given offer.

Step 3: Complete offer.

In this case, all you have to do is signup on the given website and then click the confirmation email they send you. Crediting usually only takes a few minutes although there are some offers that take 1-2 days to credit you. I would strongly suggest using a generic/spam email address such as a new hotmail, yahoo, or gmail when completing offers. If you use your regular email address you will probably regret. Spam is scary.


Since my guide is extremely basic and somewhat lacking I strongly encourage you to actually read their guide. Also, the “available offers” section under “get points” has a few sorting settings that will make your life easier.

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PrizeRebel Contests:

Another easy way to earn points is through the contest system. As far as the daily contest goes, all you have to do is complete 2 offers that get credited a day and then you’re entered into a random drawing of 30 people. I happen to have won this morning so I’m fairly happy! 😀


If you have any questions about PrizeRebel, feel free to post a comment here… It really is easy to earn some cash and get that next new game. Overlord amused me for a night until Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 came out. XD

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